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Dear future students, I greet you and wish you a welcome to the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics eMPIRICOM in Tuzla – a new faculty that inherits the tradition of successful work of the College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA.

We have created for you a modern and innovative study program in the field of information and communication technologies, aimed at acquiring practical and applicable knowledge that the economy and industry are looking for today and that will enable you high recognition and employability within the profession.

I would like to point out to you the fact that digital technologies are one of the fastest growing areas of industry and that they record a strong growth in income and the number of employees, both in BiH and worldwide. In other words, by choosing a career in the propulsive and growing ICT industry, you are starting with the initial wind in your back!

Constant changes in the world around us also offer new opportunities, we need to use them in a way to develop our own knowledge and competencies, because it is the only way to adapt quickly and be successful in a competitive environment.

We, future students, welcome you with carefully selected professors, additionally trained to conduct technologically assisted teaching, developed multimedia educational content for full-time and distance learning, modern laboratory equipment, in new and equipped lecture halls. To achieve our common goals, the teaching staff and other employees of our faculty are at your service, whose doors are always open to you.

Success does not come overnight. So be persistent, educate yourself, be curious, explore. Accept the challenge, invest in yourself and your future! After all, it doesn’t matter what career you choose, and it doesn’t matter where you build it. So let us take you into the digital future.

M.Sc. Muhdin Mujačić, B.Sc.


Dear future students, You are now in a very important phase of your life, you decide on your future by choosing a higher education institution and study program, which will greatly determine your entire life path and professional success.


22. Marta 2024.

Osvoji stipendiju!

9. Februara 2024.

Predupis studenata za ak. 2024/2025

28. Januara 2024.

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Dear students and parents, 

In each society all higher education institutions are academic communities of the free individuals – teachers, researchers and student and they are the most progressive part of the society. The aim of College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA is demonstration of human power, potential and vision based on preconceived, educational, scientific, research based and global principles. We are trying to increase competitiveness in the environment by linking business with science and education through acquirement of IT knowledge and skills.

Dual Slovenian-BiH degree, scientific knowledge and skills, as well as education in the field of acknowledged industry certification will enable our graduates to choose an employment in BiH, regional countries, EU countries and worldwide.

We educate students for the most sought after occupations in the job market. 90% of our graduates are employed in the profession, a significant number of them are employed by IT companies where they have conducted industrial practice, and also a significant number of them work for foreign IT companies. Some of our graduates continued their second cycle studies.

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