College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA in the period 2015-2018 participates in Erasmus + project called Trans2Work – School-to-Work Transition for Higher education students with disabilities in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro, within Key Action 2, Capacity Building strand.

The consortium consists of 18 institutions from Partner Countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina) and 5 institutions from Program Countries (Greece, Slovenia, Germany and Poland). In addition to eMPIRICA, partners from B&H include, Sarajevo University, East Sarajevo University, Banja Luka University, companies Procom Ltd and Profil MC Ltd, and a humanitarian organisation Partner.

The project will design a suitable database that will be specially designed to satisfy the needs of people with special needs and facilitate their employment, while the employers will identify positions that are available for students with special needs. More…

Within Key Action 1 of Erasmus + program, eMPIRICA College partnered with University College of Enterprise and Administration from Lublin, Poland submitted an application and received funding from the European Commission for teaching staff mobility. Four employees from eMPIRICA College will carry out their mobility projects in Lublin, for the purpose of holding lectures for the local students and participating in trainings, while one employee from University College from Lublin will carry out his/her mobility at eMPIRICA College in Brcko for the purpose of participating in the teaching process. eMPIRICA College and University College of Enterprise and Administration from Lublin are in the process of applying for another project within the same key action but this time the emphasis is on student mobility. More

In the call for student and staff mobility projects from March 2016, within Erasmus+ program, eMPIRICA College received another grant in May 2016 for a 2-year project for staff and student mobility with Ljubljana School of Business from Slovenia. It is expected that 2 students from eMPIRICA would spend 6 months studying at Ljubljana School of Business while 3 members of staff will also spend their 2 week mobility working at Ljubljana School of Business. The project also includes the mobility of two members of staff from Ljubljana School of Business to eMPIRICA College. More