Taking into consideration the needs of different groups of students ( place of residence, studying while working) we have organized classes in two modes at College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA:

  • Full-time studies
  • Distance learning studies

Full-time studies are carried out through a typical face-to-face method, on the premises of the eMPIRICA College by combining different educational strategies: traditional lectures, practical courses, team work, math practice, case studies, etc.  In addition, we have enabled our regular students access to our e-learning platform eCampus, where they can use multimedia teaching materials which can contribute to a faster process of mastering lessons, verify their knowledge through self-evaluation, work in teams and exchange ideas, communicate electronically with professors and other students.

Distance learning studies is primarily intended for employed students and those who live outside Brcko so they can attend the traditional class only occasionally. For the most part of the semester  for these students the class is organized via our platform for e-learning, eCampus, where they can have an access to all teaching materials (lecture videos, ppt lectures, assignments for practice, project assignments, simulations, animations, self evaluation tests, knowledge evaluation etc.), communicate to professors and among each other and get incorporated into the virtual environment which we call an e-classroom. Two times during the semester, we organize for these students face-to-face (F2F) class and F2F tests in afternoon hours and on Saturdays. Students are required to attend F2F class in that period which consists of laboratory practice that cannot be complete outside of the premises. Apart from that, our distance students are always welcome to the classes that are organized for regular students.  Taking into consideration the fact that students who opt for this kind of studies are mostly employed, we have introduced another trend in distance learning studies organization: DynamicS of lessons delivery for each course is different, as well as the schedule of syncronised and asynchronised activities, all the while we take care that equal workload during semester is maintained for our students. It has been proved that this approach results in more efficient knowledge acquirement and larger pass rate.