Local Cisco Networking Academy VS eMPIRICA which acts within the frame of Lifelong Learning eMPIRICA is a part of a large and successful family out of 10,000 Cisco Academies in 165 countries around the world.

Cisco Networking Academy is a global educational programme which offers the students acquirement of the fundamental ICT skills in the field of design, creation and management of computer networks as well as acquirement of other skills necessary for the development of the career, such as problem solving, team work and critical thinking.The program was established in 1997 and is ubiquitous to the whole world and annually attended by 900,000 students.

The Academy offers an access to online courses, interactive tools, practical training and network simulations so as to improve practical skills  that will help students build their career in the field of ICT in almost all types of industries and business making in the whole world.

Cisco certificates are recognised in the whole world as they vouch for the possession of practical and theoretical knowledge  necessary for high quality design of network system, its establishment and maintenance  in institutions and firms that provide different services.

  • CCNA  (Cisco Certified Network Associate) – the main curriculum which includes thorough knowledge and application in the field of networking technology:
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate program Routing and Switching – as part of CCNA Exploration program where the participants acquire technical skills necessary for receiving the professional title from the field of networking as well as for succeeding in numerous professions related to networking such as Networking Technician, Networking Administrator and Networking Engineer. This program is conducted in demanding, in-depth, theoretical and practical conditions, on a par with trainings in higher education institutions. The participants of this program are expected to possess advanced computer skills as well as a good command of English.
    • CCNA Security – the curriculum includes the thorough knowledge and application in the field computer network security. The program will prepare the participants to design, implement and support network device security.
    • Fast CCNA Bundle ( CCNA R&S + Security) – is the fast course for the participants who completed CA following the old program or have enough prior knowledge from the field of computer networks.
  • IT Essentials –  the main curriculum that introduces the participants to the world of personal computers and Windows operating systems.Cisco Academy is in the process of admission to the CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security and Fast CCNA Bundle programs.

For its participants Cisco Academy VS eMPIRICA organises education in the period that fits them best, in agreement with the enrolled group. The classes are organised in small groups, through interactive and practical work on the original Cisco equipment.

The duration of the program:

1. Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching program – 4 semesters (280 hours)

2. Cisco CCNA Security – 1 semester ( 70 hours)

3. Fast CCNA Bundle  ( CCNA R&S + Security) – 2 semesters ( 140 hours)

Each semester has 14 weeks.

The teaching materials and exams are in English and Croatian, while the classes are held in BiH languages.

After each completed semester of Cisco CCNA program a corresponding exam is taken which consists of practical and theoretical part, after which a certificate for the appropriate area is rewarded and issued by Cisco Academy program. Each of four certificates issued by Cisco Academy program represent proof that the candidate successfully completed that part of the program. The certificates also state the area which was covered and passed. In addition, for all its successful candidates the Academy of lifelong learning eMPIRICA issues one of its own certificates for the complete Cisco Academy program.

The successful completion of Cisco Academy program means that candidates should possess all the necessary knowledge to take exams for acquisition of industry Cisco CCNA certificate.Cisco Academy VS eMPIRICA participants receive one-time voucher with 50% discount to take this exam.

Lifelong learning Academy eMPIRICA is in the process of registering Persons VUE testing center which should be the only Cisco-authorized  center for testing and issuing this industry certificate, so that the examination process for this and similar tests will be enables in our premises in Brcko District.

  1. CCNA R&S  Course                          1600 BAM   (4×400 BAM)
  2. CCNA Security  Course                     700 BAM    (2×300 BAM)
  3. Fast CCNA Course                            1200 BAM   (4×300 BAM)

For students and future students of Engineering Informatics program at eMPIRICA College the following perks apply:

  • Cisco Academy is free of charge, that is, the cost of it are not included in tuition fees,
  • For those who decide to enroll into Engineering Informatics program in the period of 6 months upon completion of the last Cisco Academy semester at eMPIRICA, 50 % of the paid fee is acknowledged as tuition fee.
  • Valid industry CCNA certificate is acknowledged as an equivalent to 4 corresponding exams at Engineering Informatics program, where the corresponding course curriculum is studied.

Other discounts:

For the current and former students of eMPIRICA College – 15%

For all full-time students from other HEIs – 10%

For advance payment of the complete fee – 5%

You can download Cisco Academy application form HERE

Complete the form and send it to empirica@empirica.ba or fax it at  +387 49 230 110.